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ProEducate is owned and operated by Executive Training Centers, LLC. All material on this site is the property of Executive Training Centers, LLC, unless otherwise identified. Nothing on this website may be copied, reproduced, transmitted, or otherwise utilized without the prior consent of Executive Training Centers, LLC. Registered students may download to a single computer, and print one copy of relevant course material for their personal, non-commercial use, only while enrolled in a course. By registering for an online course through ProEducate (the school), the registrant (student) agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. The student shall have a limited time to complete each course. The specific amount of time will vary with the course selected. The student must complete the course and final examination, if applicable, within the specified time frame to avoid additional fees. Student may contact the office at 800-966-9866 to purchase an extension, when applicable.

2. Some licenses are issued only to those who hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, and are at least 18 years of age. The student is responsible for verification of qualifications for licensing, before registering for a course of study. Registrants with any form of criminal history, including misdemeanor or felony convictions, or who are currently on parole, must contact the relevant licensing agency before registering for any pre-licensing or pre-certification course.

3. Some courses require passage of a final examination. In general, the minimum passing score is 70%, but it may be higher in some courses. Course completion certificates will not be issued until the final examination score is achieved, and an evaluation of the course (if required) is submitted. Upon completion of the course, the student may download and print the completion certificate.

4. Upon payment of all fees due the school, compliance with all state regulations, and successful completion of the final exam (if required) and course evaluation (if required), a certificate of completion will be issued in the name of the student as registered. Certificates will not be issued for partial completion of a course. All certificates and courses are non-assignable. A fee will be assessed for lost or replacement certificates.

5. An e-mail account is essential to participate in the online program. The student is responsible for maintaining the e-mail account under which registration was initiated, and accepts full responsibility for any notifications sent to that e-mail address. To change the name of a registrant, due to marriage or any other reason, including legal name changes, a notarized affidavit, and an additional fee, will be required.

6. Course fees and tuition do not cover fees for licensing, renewal of licenses, or testing by various state agencies or organizations. These fees are paid separately, by the student, when seeking licenses or other services from state or regulatory agencies.

7. It is our policy to provide students with a partial refund for the course, if a written request is e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and the student has not completed more than 25% of the course. The written request must be received by our office within 48 hours after registering. The refund is specifically defined as 75% of the course tuition. Books, materials, and shipping costs are not refundable. Refunds will be credited to the credit card under which the student registered.

8. All contact by instructors with students registered in online courses is conducted by e-mail only. School policy prohibits instructors from telephoning students with responses to questions, or contacting students by any means not first approved by the school. Instructors may not, in any venue, answer questions of a personal, professional, business, or legal nature, and students should not interpret any information received from instructors, or course content, as being legal or professional advice.

9. All course information, including images and logos utilized on the website, are protected by copyright, and may not be reproduced in any manner without prior written consent of the school. Certain documents are printable, and student may do so for limited personal use in completing the course. However, all other information may not be copied or used in any manner, and doing so may result in civil or criminal penalties.

10. The school, in accepting the student for participation in the online program, assumes the student to be taking the course under his or her own/legal identity, and without assistance from others. Any attempt to take the course under an assumed identity, or to accept assistance from others in completing any portion of the course, may result in rejection of a license application, revocation of an existing license, fines, or other penalty provided by law governing the relevant state regulatory agency to whom the student submitted documentation.

11. The school assumes no responsibility for loss of service, or access to the online course, which may result from acts of God, terrorism, vandalism, routine maintenance or software upgrades, or any other impacts beyond the school's control.

12. Students using either referral codes or discount codes at the time of registration, agree to permit ProEducate to send periodic reports to the broker who provided the referral or discount code. These reports allow the broker to track the students’ progress and contact the student to offer advice as they proceed through the program of study.

13. Student agrees to abide by rules which may be periodically established by the school, or as required by various regulatory agencies.

14. The school reserves the right to modify course content, procedures, instructors, or anything else that may be necessary to ensure proper operation of the program.

15. The school reserves the right to cancel, without penalty to the school, the enrollment of any student when, at the sole discretion of the school, it is determined that to do so would be in the best interest of the school.

16. The student agrees to hold the school, its instructors, staff, affiliates, associates, or subsidiaries, harmless for any financial liability whatsoever in excess of tuition paid by the student.

17. Students may contact our technical support staff for assistance in operating the program. Questions directly related to our system will be answered; however, students asking questions not directly related to our system will be referred to a local computer training center for basic training in computer usage. Our technical support staff is available weekdays, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm CT. You may contact our technical support staff by calling 800-966-9866, or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

18. The instructional staff will respond to questions by e-mail as quickly as possible. In general, questions received by noon on any business day are responded to by 5 pm the following business day. Students who abuse the e-mail opportunity may be dropped from the course, solely at the discretion of the school, without penalty to the school beyond refund of tuition.

19. Participants in online coursework are further advised that those individuals who take part in these courses under an assumed identity, or who, in any way, complete all or part of a program while posing as another individual, licensee, registrant, or certificate holder, or who offer any form of assistance to anyone participating in an online course, are subject to possible sanctions by various state agencies, which may include suspension or revocation of the relevant license, registration, or certification, as well as possible fines or other appropriate legal action. In issuing any form of certification of completion of coursework, the various schools, associations, or entities, are doing so under the assumption that the student has not misrepresented his or her identity, and has completed the relevant assignments, quizzes, and examinations, without assistance from others, and that all information provided on the registration form, as well as all other information provided throughout the course, is true and correct to the best of the student's knowledge.

20. In the event of delays or access to courses, the school assumes no responsibility when such delays or access are a consequence of interruption to Internet or related services, for any reason. This includes external cyber interference or utility services.  However, if the interruption is a consequence of activity on the part of the school, course access will be extended an appropriate amount of time when feasible.

21. Student assumes full responsibility for ensuring the information under which they enroll in a course of study is accurate. This includes the correct spelling of their name. Failure to do so may result in issuance of a certificate of completion that is incorrect, and student assumes responsibility to make corrections to the inaccurate information with the appropriate regulatory agency. Once a certificate of completion is issued in a particular name, it cannot be changed.

22. The level of computer and Internet knowledge that is necessary to register for an online course is minimal. Students will need a basic understanding of PCs, the use of e-mail, and the Internet to successfully finish the course.

23. Students enrolling in credit-based courses for prelicensing, continuing education, or post licensing credit, acknowledge that they have verified with the relevant state licensing agency, the number and source of credit hours needed for licensing or renewal.

24. Licensed individuals registering for continuing education credit must verify that the name and license number under which they are registered is identical to that shown on the state issued license. An additional fee and affidavit may be required for corrections after a certificate has been issued.

25. Registrants are responsible for completion of courses in sufficient time for license renewal and application deadlines. The school assumes no responsibility for course expirations, or failure of students to complete courses far enough in advance of state mandated deadlines, that must be met for renewals or applications for licensing.

26. The school makes no assurances or guarantees, expressed or implied, that a student will successfully pass any examination(s) offered through state agencies and regulatory bodies, or that the student will be licensed by those agencies and bodies upon successfully completing any of our courses or programs.

The school agrees to keep student information confidential. However, student information may be provided to various state agencies and regulatory bodies as required by law, or as necessary to maintain various certifications and accreditations, or to credit card and related companies. In addition, students utilizing funding, discounts, or referral codes provided by third parties, such as brokers, employers, potential employers, referral companies, and other related or similar individuals, agree that those third parties may be provided with information related to student progress in those programs of study, in which they are, directly or indirectly, fully or partially funding or simply referring students to ProEducate. Such information may include, but is not limited to, courses enrolled, name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, student progress in courses, including pass/fail, complete/incomplete status, username, password, and dates of enrollment and termination. Student authorizes the provider of the discount or referral, whether a broker or other party, to contact the student regarding the student's progress in the course, or other matters related to the financial support provided by that organization or individual. Student information as described herein, shall also apply to those students who accept discounts provided through website links to ProEducate.

28. In the event the charge for a course or program of study is not paid in full, or a charge is disputed to the detriment of the school, the student agrees to revocation and cancellation of the relevant certificates issued by the school. Students who are authorized to use credit cards of other individuals, should advise the cardholder that charges from ProEducate will appear as Executive Training Centers, LLC. In cases where a third party assumes responsibility for the student's financial obligations to the school, and such obligations are not met in full, the student agrees to assume full responsibility for the financial obligation, or relinquish all rights to any certificates of completion issued by the school and shall support the school in the process of certificate revocation.

29. If any portion of this contract should prove unenforceable, it shall not affect the enforceability of the other portions of the contract.

30. Some discount (referral) codes are issued for the exclusive use of certain companies and individuals. The use of those discounts by anyone not specifically authorized to do so, will result in the immediate discontinuation of the course access, without refund or recourse by the user.  Further, enrollees acknowledge that in some cases referral fees may be paid to brokers and others for referrals to ProEducate.

31. Those individuals using discount (referral) codes intended for use only by military personnel, agree to be contacted by a representative of the Internet Distance Education Association (IDEA), or by ProEducate, regarding their coursework, enrollment, career goals, or any matter whatsoever.


User acknowledges having read, and does agree to all "Terms and Conditions" as posted on the website.

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